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Change affects tradition

Mar 5, 2013

Merakpa+tsirangAt least 200 people from Merak and Sakteng Gewogs in Trashigang have re-settled in Tsirang. The relocation has brought with it challenges, the most tangible being the declining interest in wearing their traditional dress.

62 year old Phurba was born in Sakteng,Trashigang and moved to Zamlingzor village in Tsirang 12 years ago under the re-settlement programme. He was allotted five acres of land as Kidu. Even though he is happy with the re-settlement programme, he is saddened that his people do not want to carry on with their old ways.Merakpa+tsirang.

He loves his traditional attire, and shares his parent instilled in him a love for the attire. He stresses that the younger generation needs to be reminded about the importance of being connected to their roots.

He does, however, say it is difficult to weave their traditional clothes due to the unavailability of raw materials in Tsirang.

Phurpa, proudly, says he remains connected to his roots through his clothes and dialect.

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  1. Toktok

    Hats off to Phurba for preserving our age-old culture and tradition on his individual level with love and concerns. Is our duty to do so and we need more people like him. These days, most of us do not wear our national dress in any town of our country. We are also concerned of this developments, but could not do anything as majority of the people ignores and un-bothered for such declination.

  2. Yhadom

    Truely true.

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