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Tshering Tobgay denies association with Bhutanomics

Feb 27, 2013

OL--BhutannomicsEarlier this month, a satirical website, Bhutanomics, created a stir by accusing the government of blocking its website. Once again it has come under the limelight after a comment appeared on the Opposition Leader’s Facebook.

It reads, “DPT government has illegally censored our website that we have administered in collaboration with our PDP supporters in the media such as the Bhutanese. Thank god we are back to our site again”.

When BBS approached the Opposition Leader, he denied that the comment was posted by him. Tshering Tobgay said he was surprised to see the comment. He added that it is a fake Facebook account created by someone in his name.

7 Comments for “Tshering Tobgay denies association with Bhutanomics”

  1. face

    it is interesting story

  2. pema tshewang

    The OL, who claims that his facebook page is fake, changed his facebook profile picture today after the news was aired on BBS last night. He then posted a new status and deleted this very comment on Bhutanomics from the same supposedly ‘fake’ account. I would like to ask the OL that if the page was fake all along, who was posting personal pictures and responding to friends.

  3. sonam

    how gullible have we become! clearly morphed and doctored. the intention of the miscreant is so clear. bbs leaves no stone unturned in making news out of trifling issues such as this…while completely turning blind eyes to the mega scams of the govt.

  4. Narcissus

    I don’t find a point of him needing to be surprised to see that comment, after all he is the one who posted it. Who else would know that he watched LES MISERABLES with his daughter and how did he responded to his friend TERRI.If BBS could have dug little more on his page, he would have been screwed. Finally the cause of problems between media and GOVT. is coming up. BSS need to dig into it a little more to find out.
    That same comment is no longer on his page. What does it mean now? who deleted it?…

  5. dn

    come on BBS journos! justify your existence as journalists and do some investigation to verify if stories are true.

    the real news is this,
    “an imposter created a fake Facebook account impersonating the OL,… and BBS fell for it and accused OL of denying the association”

    How did BBS come across the fake account anyway? most people know the original
    facebook account….
    one only needs to check the age of the oldest postings to see which facebook account of OL posted about Bhutanomics. the fake one with a very young history has the endorsement for bhutanomics.

    hmmmm….. first full coverage of PM’s district visits… now this…. hmmmmm

  6. fanta

    It’s of no doubt that the Bhutanese and the Bhutanomics is associated with PDP. If not why is that bhutanese and nomics not writing any negative about the PDP. Recently nomics termed veteran actor Tshering Gyeltshen as Ngolop… Do they really know what does the term Ngolop mean? Who is the real Ngolop of this country? The person who is against the National Goals of Bhutan are the ngolops,,,,, and PDP is only the one who silently did the plot aganist it. who is the actual ngolops now?

    DPT as OL shouldn’t keep quite and culprit must have to bring to justice, and should have to find the founder of nomics and who is the real proprietor of bhutanese news paper.
    TT is govt is not found through clear means and we do know that they won by force, backed by rude leaders.

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