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Senior police officer suspended for alleged rape

Feb 27, 2013

(Update:) The senior police officer who allegedly raped a minor has been suspended and detained in Gelephu. This was done in line with the provisions of the Police Act and the Police Service Rules and Regulations.

A high level investigation was launched right after the incident. The Chief of Police submitted the investigation report to the Police Service Board. The board decided to forward the case to the Gelephu Dungkhag Court. The officer has already appeared before the court.

According to the Chief of Police, Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel,  the officer will be terminated from the service if proven guilty.

7 Comments for “Senior police officer suspended for alleged rape”

  1. dorji dukpa

    it is shameful to know such behabour from senior officer.action must be taken seriously.

  2. y not he b sentenced if he was found guilty

    Ynot he be sentenced if he was really found guilty …………………………..

  3. Tala

    Senior police officer? if the guardians of the law behave like this in society,what would be the condition of ordinary citizen?
    just termination from service does not justify for the criminal act committed by the officer.He deserves a penalty like any other ordinary citizen.


      police officer! shame to hear from such responsible person who is much aware for those circumstance… he should be terminated and put in pres ion…no excuse …

  4. Karma

    Whom do we trust to maintain and uplift the law of land when the law care taker and law enforce himself is the lake breaker?

  5. IamBhutanese

    i have to be police to protect my own children and other children from now on, i cannot trust police, not all but few……

  6. shabi

    i think if he is just terminated its not justice la.. instead he should be punished as other rapist…

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