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Schools struggling to meet required student enrolment

Feb 26, 2013

DeclineinPre-pryEnrolment.Trashigang Dzongkhag is struggling to meet the required student enrolment every year. Rongthung Primary School in Trashigang did not have a single student enrolment this year.

During yesterday’s new hour, BBS had the officiating director of Department of school education under education ministry, Chador Wangdi, in the studio to discuss on the issue.

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4 Comments for “Schools struggling to meet required student enrolment”

  1. Pema Choidar

    The decline in primary school enrolment in rural Bhutan should not be attributed to only family planning, poor learning environment & migration of children with relatives. This may apply to a very small fraction of rural society and rural schools.

    I feel, in gereral, it is because the new generations are educated and leave for employment after their schooling/graduation. Consequently, the number of farmers are decreasing, and we see the sign of aging society in the villages. There is a gradual shift from the agrarian society to educated & working society. When I studied, I learned that more than 80% of Bhutanese were farmers. Today, I teach my students that only 69% or less are in agriculture sector. How many villagers do not send their children to school, like in the past? These children leave the villages at productive age creating the generation gap there. This rural-urban migration due to education is beyond anybody’s control. Thus, it is obvious that number of children will decrease in the villages.

    Secondly, the admission pressure is not the problem in Thimphu only, but every Dzongkhag with urban centres & towns are challenged by it. This is the global phenomenon of every developing nation with decreasing enrolment in rural areas & increasing pressure in the urban areas. Education is the main cause of it; be it good or evil.

    The only alternative solution to such schools is what the MoE does now; consolidation of schools & redistribution of teachers to needy schools.

  2. Bhauko Tshoora

    Not only new enrollment declination in rural schools BUT those who work in the agricultural fields back in our villages also has declined and more barren and uncultivated fertile fields are increasing year by year. We see that the Towns are overcrowded with people and rural villages emptied with locked houses and barren land deserted and ignored.

  3. Toktok

    We wonder why we all after having studied upto class X and XII and after graduation run away from their rural villages and stay in Towns only. To say the truth, I have my cousins and relatives all in Thimphu staying at Thimphu after completing class X and XII looking for job and never turns to village.
    We know this situation but could not help solve this by us.

  4. Yhadom

    This issues must be discussed and find solutions by those who are responsible and can bring changes and development. Otherwise, we lay people also feel that something is going wrong.

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