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ACC and Home Minister’s legal counsel submits final argument

Feb 25, 2013

GyalpoizhingLandCase-Home Minister- legalCounsel-Final argumentThe legal counsel of the Home Minister, Jamyang Sherab Wangdi, and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Bhutan submitted their closing statement on the Gyalpoizhing land case in Monggar District Court, today.

In the closing argument, Jamyang Sherab Wangdi, said the defendant has not violated any Kajas and laws. He said Lyonpo Minjur Dorji neither favoured nor deprived anyone while allotting land in Gyalpoizhing and that the land allotment for the town was done in line with proper procedures.

Jamyang Sherab Wangdi also said ACC hasn’t been able to prove if it was the criminal act or intention of the defendant as alleged by the Commission. He said the evidences submitted by the ACC do not have the required substance as against the allegations.

As a proof, the legal counsel submitted to the court, the resolution of the DTY meeting of October 3, 2003, during which, the then Dzongda had supposedly said they had exhausted all the procedures for the allotment.

ACC refuted and said if proper procedures were followed, the need to allot the land to Karchu Dratshang, Dramitse Dratshang and Kunzang Dema would not have arisen. And even if it did, the allotment should have been done according to the criteria, followed previously.

ACC questioned again, if the allotment was done appropriately. The commission also questioned if the defendant followed the set criteria.

ACC had found out that the land for two Dratshangs had been allotted based on the social welfare. Kunzang Dema was given land for the services her husband rendered to the Dzongkhag Administration.

Meanwhile, the Monggar Drangpon said he would be focusing on the spiritual intent of the Royal Kaja. The Drangpon also said the verdict will be out shortly after the completion of the ongoing parliament Session.


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  1. ITs reli sad dat Position holder gona win…b it bad or wat….OMG,,plzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. How cn courrpted person gona serve a govt….:(


    corruption should not ignore thought it hold higher rank or low but on other hand evidence should be productive and well sound..

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