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Climate Summit aims at alleviating impact of climate change in Himalayan region

Feb 24, 2013

Climate-Summit-for-a-living-HimalayasFour Eastern Himalayan Countries have agreed to build six regional projects that will help over hundreds of millions of people adapt to the impacts of climate change.

This is one of the outcomes of the Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas- the First Meeting of the Coordination Group, which concluded yesterday.

The group which comprises of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal agreed on these projects keeping in mind the Framework of Cooperation endorsed during the Climate Summit in 2011. The projects which are likely to get finalised in two months’ time are expected to get implemented after July, this year.

Of the six projects, three were proposed by Bhutan- in the areas of biodiversity, water, food and energy, which are also the four key themes under the Framework.

Some of these projects include enhancing the indigenous knowledge system and the efficient use of natural resources, securing biodiversity and its sustainable use, and promoting eco-efficient water infrastructure.

The Group has also identified as sources for funding: the India Endowment Fund for Climate Change, the Bangladesh Climate Trust Fund and through the Regional Technical Assistance under the Asian Development Bank.

Also, with the conclusion of the first coordination meeting, yesterday, Bhutan completes her term and India now leads as the coordinating country for the next one year, providing secretarial service to the Summit process including the projects proposed.

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