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Villagers in Dagana experience political lag

Yeshi Nidup, Tsirang
Feb 24, 2013

Dagana-Political-Lag.Dagana is among the most remote districts in the country, and its villages are quite isolated. It is no surprise then that the populace in this dzongkhag is not as informed as the rest of the country about the upcoming general elections.

Some villagers are not even aware about the new political parties, and many continue to remain oblivious to the march up to the next round of elections.

Yeshey Dolma, a farmer in Phagperkhet village says, “We are farmers, and we spend most of our time in the fields, not concerned with anything else. We have not even heard of the candidates who will be contesting from our constituency”.

Although, it remains unclear how well the people will get to know their candidates, it cannot be denied that they will vote on the basis of the promise that appeals most to them: the promise of change.

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Another villager, Chado, from Tashiding village shares, “We want our elected candidate to provide our villages with clean drinking water, especially those villages that face shortage at the moment.  Some of our villages still remain without farm road connectivity”.

Excitement is building up in other areas in the country for the elections, but the election boards along the highway and the gewog centers in Dagana remain bare and underutilized.

3 Comments for “Villagers in Dagana experience political lag”

  1. why is only dagana lagging behind, is that their is lack of well educator about the upcoming election or people are less bothered

  2. jokes

    Hope they are on the way…..

  3. Dorji Dorji

    It is not the the question of ignorant villagers but the question of how much of emphasis the government has given to the remote districts like dagana. Government’s reach (including the elected leaders’) must exceed its grasp or what is heaven for! A BIG GAP…betwween the informed and the uninformed…the have and the have not…the accessible and the inaccessible…is growing and affecting our own people in the reomte villages…Simply media sensitization is not enough and people must make an effort to visit and inform people…
    Hope something is done in daysto come for a POSITIVE CHANGE la!

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