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A nomad no more?

Pema Namgay, Kanglung
Feb 22, 2013

NomadsNoMore-MerakAn increasing number of people in Merak Gewog in Trashigang are giving up their nomadic way of life for jobs other than herding.  

Almost every Merak household owned a certain number of animals in the past, but due to limited pasture for animals and a tough nomadic life, people are now choosing to sell their animals and work at construction sites or run shops.

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Also most Merak families stay back during the winter in their village as access to modern facilities like electricity, cellular network and farm road is available. With development, Merak has come out of isolation and the option to not migrate to lower regions during winters is viable now.

The changing lifestyle is a concern for village elders, especially, the practice of selling animals. But like in any other part of the world, change is unavoidable, what remains to be seen is how the Merak people adapt to change.

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