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Education City’s DPR to complete in nine months

Feb 18, 2013

Bhutan-Education-CityThe Detailed Project Report of the Bhutan Education City is expected to be complete in about nine months. The two Indian companies, which will construct the education city, IL&FS Township and Urban Assets Limited and Infinity, have hired a consultant to work on the report.

The study has already begun. The report will cover infrastructure development and architectural design of the city.


“Whenever an opportunity in the public-private partnership comes up, we go by the value that is involved in the project and its socio-economic factors are also taken into consideration not just the commercial.”

K. Shashidhar
IL&FS Township and Urban Assets Limited


Once the report is complete, the education city will be built on over a thousand acres of government land at Wangsisina in Thimphu. The site is currently abuzz with the construction of an access road from the main highway towards the site. Construction of a bridge within the site has also begun.

The project is divided into two phases. The construction cost is expected to be between Nu.15-20 billion.



3 Comments for “Education City’s DPR to complete in nine months”

  1. Is Thimphu only the option for education city? I feel it will be nice if education city is divided into more than two campus and divided among different region within the country.

  2. Datdorj

    Education city should be in gelephu. Thimphu is crowding out rest of the dzongkhags for development opportunity. Bhutan is not just Thimphu.
    Look at South Korea on how they develop their regions in inclusive manner.

  3. yeshi

    The above one said is very correct.. why is it so necessary for the development being taken place in a place where the developments are already up to phase.. This is what about our government is being inefficient si…. there are many places in Bhutan for these activities to be brought up..

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