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BIG gas, a financial strain says hoteliers and restaurateurs

Feb 18, 2013

big-GASMost small-scale hoteliers and restaurant owners in Paro, say the setbacks while using the BIG (Bhutan Industrial Gas cylinders) outweigh the benefits.

The Manager for KK Hotel in Paro, Moenlam Zangpo, said their hotel purchased three BIG cylinders and already, two have been used up. “It is taking a financial toll on us.” He also said the small-scale hoteliers and restaurateurs will go out of business if the requirement continues.

The only benefit, they said, is that a BIG cylinder lasts one week longer as compared to the previous cylinders they were using. “But the price that is charged for refilling one such cylinder comes up to that of four ordinary cylinders,” said Phuensum Restaurant owner, Deki Wangmo.

Recently, around 50 small-scale hoteliers and restaurateurs from Paro met with the Economics Affairs minister to express their concerns. They have been given an extension till July to acquire the BIG cylinders.

The Department of Trade and Industry office in Thimphu, says the time extension does not apply to all, and that implementation works and checking are still being carried out.


8 Comments for “BIG gas, a financial strain says hoteliers and restaurateurs”

  1. Wangdi Gyaltshen

    I think the commercial consumers still have not realized that BIG gas is non subsidized gas whereas the normal gas cylinders(subsidized) are meant for household use. Maybe when they have to line up for hours to get a gas cylinder, they will begin to appreciate why the govt. has done what was urgently required.

    • Namgay N

      Hi wangdi, i guess ur half right. U should see the ground realities first, the small scale hoteliers r facing a difficult time. Most of them hardly earn any profits n to charge such huge amounts for a cylinder n then difficulty to get it refilled. The govt. shoud have atleast started with a decent cost so that it would not have affected much. Remember big hoteliers have way bigger profit margins.

      • chophel

        The gov may benefit and it’s good but it’s the society who is at the loss, you may increase the charges where the restaurants also. At last consumer’s are the one who gets killed…”the bathup’s price which used to be NU.50 is now NU.90″..
        Now what do you think of that?

  2. Wangdi Gyaltshen

    It is not right on the part of the govt. to give extension after extension. Our people never seem tyo see the larger picture.

    • Rngdl

      you be in picture first, then u ll follow the rest…

      • Gyan

        I am neither govt.official nor businessman. I feel right now the individuals are quoting their opinions & realities which does not give any reasons to solve the matter here. Yes it is true that the low scale business is suffering but have no choice because the Govt is like a driver and we are like passengers and never forget that, whatever the fares collected is meant for public’s better service after all. We should not forget that some of our daily consumables are not produced in our country and it is Govt. who brings and facilitate to us. Therefore, my humble request to every concerned individual, please step ahead with what is on your way because may be this things are in your faith. Come forward to support each other, definitely you will find your opponent as your own people. Lets cheer up and be relaxed. From, your next door.

  3. Karma

    By the way, who distributes these cylinders? Is it trade or some private firm?

  4. Gyayk

    It’s a private business but they have trade officials working very closely with them. From what I hear a wife of a trade official is a dealer of BIG gas. Something to look into.

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