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Kanglung residents want their land back

Cheychey & Pema Namgay, Kanglung
Feb 17, 2013

kanglung-LandProblemTwo decades, ago, the government had acquired land in Kanglung from local people for the construction of a Referral Hospital, but instead of a hospital, the people gained a Grade I Basic Health Unit. The people now want their land back or be given the hospital they were promised.

 About 13 acres of wet and dry land had been obtained by the government to construct a Referral hospital in Kanglung due to Trashigang’s centrality in the East. But, the referral hospital was later constructed in Monggar.

The land has not been used for any developmental activities for the last 20 years.kanglung-LandProblem.

Although compensation was paid, previous land-owners are disgruntled.  “I think the government will not give back the land to us now, but if there are no plans, we are ready to give back the compensation and take our land back,” said one of the residents, Tobgay. He said they,  clearly, remember how much they received from the government as compensation. “If, however, there is a plan and it will benefit the people, then we have nothing to say”.

There are no immediate plans to construct a bigger hospital in Kanglung. The Tashigang District Health Officer says, but a double-storied staff quarter has been included in the Eleventh Five Year Plan.




3 Comments for “Kanglung residents want their land back”

  1. Namgay N

    Before taking land frm farmers for const of hospi, did the govt really have a plan in place. 2 decades is a long long time n govt is still dreaming of const a hospi. and left the farmers dreaming too. Now finally the farmers have realised that their dreams will not come true n the land govt got frm them was a good business deal……i really feel the land should b returned back to them……many of the optimistic future plans by the govt have failed….best example…new town plannings in several dzongkhags

  2. Phuntsho

    If Gyalpozhing land case warrants thorough investigation by ACC, the Regional Referral Hospital supposed to be at Kanglung needs investigation too. There certainly was a conflict of interest in former Health Minister Jigmi Singye. People of Kanglung has every right to seek clarification. They definitely must ask for the Hospital that they were promised.

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