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A new Chamkhar town emerges from the ashes

Nov 30, 2010

The residents of Chamkhar town in Bumthang may not have to spend their life out in the cold in makeshift shelters for long, thanks to His Majesty the King and the intervention of the government.

Almost half of the Chamkhar town was razed to the ground in a major fire in the wee hours of October 26.

On the command of His Majesty the King, the reconstruction work began in earnest even as the fire smoldered in the remains of what was once a thriving town.

The Gyalpoi Zimpon’s Office in Bumthang said the rebuilding works will complete within the next two months.

The town is now abuzz with activity as the residents assisted by armed force personnel and volunteers reconstruct their homes.

Unlike in the past, the houses will not be built close to each other, to reduce the risk of fire. They will also be built mostly with mud bricks and not almost entirely with timber.

A road will be constructed adjacent to the main traffic. A new vegetable market and meat shops will also be built separately behind the main town.

The old vegetable market will be used as communal space. As of now, most of the ground works have been completed.

The construction materials like sand, timber and CGI sheets are being provided free of cost to the residents.

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