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Can Wangdue Shopkeepers shift to Bajo by December 31?

Nov 26, 2010

The New Year is fast approaching but business people in Wangdue town are anxious. That’s because by New Year’s Eve, they have to move to the new Bajo town. But our reporter Sonam Tobgay says that constructions in the new town are yet to complete.

December 31, 2010 is the final date for business people of Wangdue to shift to new town at Bajo. It is in line with the agreement signed between the plot owners and the plot committee in 2008.

But the problem is, the constructions are in full swing and only about 30 houses have completed so far. A total of 130 plots have been allotted, which means about 100 houses are yet to be completed.

Some are half way through the construction, some have just begun, and some have yet to begin. The only option left for them is to make further appeal to the higher authority.

“The delay was caused by labour problem. We have to shift to the new location latest by December 31. We have also requested for the extension but I don’t think our request will be granted”, says Kesang, the town representative.

“If we do not shift by the end of December we will have to close our shops”, said one of the shopkeepers.

The municipal office in Wangdue said the plots were allotted about three years ago; therefore the problem is with the shopkeepers. They have already notified the land owners. The defaulters will be dealt with according to the agreement and the constructions rules and regulation.

[pullquote]If we do not shift by the end of December we will have to close our shops”

“It has to be done as per the municipal rule and the construction act. If they fail to comply with the notification the office will stop water supply and act accordingly”, says Lobzang, Deputy Executive Engineer, Municipal Office in Wangdue.

The problem does not end here, shopkeepers who didn’t get any land say it is unfair. There are one hundred and thirty eight plots of land. Of that one hundred and thirty one have been allotted. Seven plots are yet to be given out.
The question is who is going to get them. The delay in allotting these seven plots of land is giving rise to speculations that some wheeling dealing is going on.

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