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Bhutan has the capacity to produce 30,000 MW of electricity

Nov 17, 2010

Experts from neigbouring countries and some from as far as Germany are in Thimphu to discuss how to accelerate development of hydropower in Bhutan by identifying its challenges and opportunities. The three day international conference began yesterday. The opening was graced by the Prime Minister Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley. Addressing the gathering Lyonchhoen said, energy is one of the main aspects for accelerating development.

“As the South Asian region accelerates developmental activities, the demand for energy will accelerate and then what we know is that power will have to be made. And I fear that they will be met through various sources such as fossil fuel burning option for generation of electricity,” said the Prime Minister.

And with Bhutan having high potential for generating hydroelectricity, Lyonchhoen said Bhutan should look beyond its domestic requirement to address this demand for electricity.

“What Bhutan has to see is not just to meet its own electricity requirements but also to ensure that the countries in South Asia are not driven or compelled to seek other alternatives specially when the need can be met through green energy generated hydropower. Bhutan is committed to promoting a green and sustainable energy, much of which will be based on green energy,” said Lyonchhoen.

For Bhutan, with more hydro power projects being established in rural parts of the country, accessibility and better infrastructures are some of the challenges for development of hydropower. However, little environmental impact and minimum displacement of people constitutes some of the unique features of developing hydropower in Bhutan.

The Managing Director of Druk Green Power Corporation said some of the operation and maintaining problem can be avoided while preparing the Detailed Project report. Bhutan has the capacity to produce about 30,000 MW of hydroelectricity; however, so far, only 5 percent of it has been tapped.

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