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Drapham Dzong built 400 years ago

Nov 16, 2010

How many of us know about Drapham Dzong in Bumthang. Not many. But we will soon get to know with the completion of the monograph or a detailed report of the archeological works on the Dzong. The report is expected to be out by 2012. The three year project was carried out jointly by the Department of Culture and the Swiss government. The finding of the excavation was presented to the home and cultural affairs minister during the third steering committee meeting today.

Unlike most of the Dzongs in Bhutan, the Drapham Dzong in Bumthang is not built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. It was built before the Zhabdrung era according to the findings. The carbon dating from a burnt charcoal revealed that the Dzong was built some 400 years ago.

Some of the finds from the excavation works were the domesticated animal bones, arrow heads, ceramic pieces and some pieces of pots. The officials from the department of culture said that studies are still going on.

The project which is being executed jointly by the royal government and the Swiss government found that the site would be of great help for future reference.

Nagtsho Dorji from the Department of Culture said since Bhutan history did not have much of the recorded evidences, this kind of archaeological works will certainly help to study the features of the Dzong and better understand our history with evidences.

The site was also visited by His Majesty the King, Prime Minister and the home and cultural affairs minister recently. The site will be opened to tourists soon.

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