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Sophisticated biochemistry analyser machine to be introduced

Nov 30, 2012

The Department of Medical Services will soon introduce more sophisticated and refined biochemistry analyser machine at the National Referral hospital in Thimphu. The machine has sophisticated features that will provide reliable and quick results for blood and sugar level tests and kidney and liver functionality.

The department got an approval from the Cabinet Secretariat on Tuesday.

They have an agreement with one of the suppliers in Thimphu to procure the machine. In the agreement, the department will not pay for the machine but they will only pay for chemicals that are used for detecting the results.

The Director General of Department of Medical Services, Dr. Ugen Dophu, said the capacity of the present machine is that at one time, it can do blood tests of 100 patients. “But with the new machine we can conduct tests of 1,000-2,000 patients at one time.”

The department says if the new analyser machine functions without glitches, they will also introduce similar machines in other services like haematology to detect blood related diseases.




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