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PM on why Happiness should be considered as the Ninth MDG

Nov 15, 2010

The Prime Minister, Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley, addressed the annual cluster Meeting of UNDP’s Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific in Dhaka, Bangladesh through video conference on Saturday.

With more than 120 UNDP resident representatives and coordinators from Asia and the Pacific region attending the annual conference in Bangladesh, Lyonchhoen spoke on Bhutan’s development philosophy and the reasons why Bhutan has proposed happiness to be adopted as the Ninth Millennium Development Goal.

With ‘regional progress towards the MDGs’ as one of the key themes for the annual cluster, the Prime Minister said that Bhutan’s proposal for inclusion of happiness as the Ninth MDG and its relevance was particularly highlighted by the fact that the subject of MDG, its progress since its introduction in the year 2000 was being deliberated upon in an environment of multiple crises. “These were, among others, the financial crisis, the soaring unemployment, growing inequalities, deepening poverty, failing democracies, as well as climate change crises and the devastations being caused by a host of natural calamities,” Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y Thinley said.

Happiness was proposed as the Ninth MDG for the reason that happiness is a universal value, a human goal that is timeless, and that will and must remain as a pursuit of the international community,” the Prime Minister said in his address to the annual conference.

The Prime Minister, in his address also thanked UNDP for supporting the idea as demonstrated by their interests. Lyonchhoen added that the first time the concept of GNH travelled beyond the Bhutanese borders was when Bhutan was invited to speak on the subject at the Asia Pacific Millennium summit hosted by the UNDP in Seoul, Korea in October of 1998.

The Prime Minister’s address was followed by an interactive question-answer session with the participants of the annual meeting in Dhaka. The Prime Minister also informed the gathering that the Bhutanese delegation is now working on introducing a resolution on the proposal in the second committee of UN general assembly.

“If we succeed in enabling the practice of such a resolution, then we believe we will have created the facility for an ad hoc committee to be established, to conduct its study and make a final proposal which will include among others, of course, the various indicators that should be employed by the international community,” the Prime Minister said.

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