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Over hundred vehicles stranded following Assam strike

Aug 28, 2012

Some hundred vehicles were stranded at the Gelephu border gate today following a strike in Assam. Today is the fourth day of the strike. The strike is likely to be lifted by tomorrow. There have been numerous strikes in the past few months due to clashes between Assam’s indigenous Bodo and Muslim Bengali settlers. This has affected vehicle movement from Samdrup Jongkhar, Gelephu and Samtse.

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  1. Son of drukyul

    Oh god! Not again…..everybody knows tht our country is growing rapidly in terms of electrification, communication, bilateral relations, hydroprojects and many more…..so arent we able to link our states/dzongkhag withoit having to go via indian border which is very risky sometime. I guess we have to think abt this……n only our nation will be considered as self reliance.

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