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Digitalising Buddhist religious texts

Oct 26, 2010

The National Library and Archives of Bhutan is in the process of digitalising all the Buddhist religious texts. Over 9,800 volumes of Buddhist religious texts, some as old 70 years, are available online now both in Dzongkha and English. However, currently only the cover titles, subtitles, authors, margin titles can be viewed online.

The basic information on six different kinds of religious texts-Nyingma, Kagyu, Geylug, Sacha Bon and Sanskrit– that are available in the Library can now be accessible through their website, www.library.gov.bt.

The project which started in 1996 to digitalise the text is aimed to give access to various researchers and scholars on the available texts at the Library. Readers can get the basic information from the website and can visit the Library to get the full version of the texts.

“The very reason to come up with such a system is to give more information to the readers. They need not visit the Library for information,” said the Librarian, Yeshi Lhendu.

However, some of the secret texts will not be made available. This, the Librarian said is to preserve the texts.

The project was initiated by the National Library and Archives of Bhutan with support from Danida Twinning Project in collaboration with Royal Library of Denmark.

Officials from the Library also said that entire contents of some of the books will also be made available online soon.

Currently, there are over 12,000 volumes of texts in the Library.

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