Tingtibi town in Zhemgang in dire need of public toilet

Access to toilets is vital and can save lives. Without toilets, deadly diseases spread rapidly. The World Health Organization estimates that with proper sanitation, including the use of toilets, more than 840,000 deaths from diarrheal diseases could be averted. But in Tingtibi town of Zhemgang, this is easier said than done. Without any public toilets, the only choice visitors have is to request the shops and restaurants or to run into the bushes.

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the once deserted town of Tingitbi has come back to life. It may be one of the few places which has benefitted from the Coronavirus pandemic. The small town has seen an influx of visitors in search of all kinds of goods and services. However, finding a place to relieve oneself in Tingtibi may be their biggest challenge.

“For the visitors coming from far flung places, it is troublesome because there aren’t any public toilets here” said Jigme Thujey. “We also can’t simply go to a hotel just to use their washrooms, if you aren’t buying anything from them.”

Similarly, Chimi Wangmo said “ It is huge inconvenience for visitors coming here, especially for us women. Going into the hotels all the time to use their toilets is not convenient because we have to buy something.”

Meanwhile, Cheychey, a shopkeeper in Tingtibi said she used to let people use the toilet in her shop before but doesn’t anymore. “Because there aren’t any public toilets here, we allow them to use our personal toilets but the problem is some of them smoke inside,” she said.

There is an old public toilet located about fifty metres from the town but it is non-functional and in need of repair.

Meanwhile, the dzongkhag municipal office says they are planning to start construction of a new public toilet before the current fiscal year ends in June next year. They said the new one will be located in the centre of the town and also be disable friendly.

Tingtibi is located 35 kilometres from Zhemgang.

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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