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Students regulate traffic during peak hours

Oct 22, 2010

If you drive by Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School in Thimphu, you will notice two students in uniform controlling the traffic during peak hours. With growing number of vehicles in Thimphu few schools have taken initiative of controlling the traffic for the safety of both students and drivers.

Pritiman Rai and Phub Dorji Tamang are responsible for controlling the heavy traffic every morning at 7:50am and few minutes before the school ends, till the traffic subsides.

Both of them are studying in class Nine at the Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School. Pritiman and Phub are the only students who do this every weekday and on Saturdays as well.

“Most students don’t follow the rules and walk on the road rather than the footpath. And every day before schools or offices starts and ends, the traffic rush get very heavy since everybody is in hurry to get home. It is during this time that we need to control the traffic and prevent any kind of accidents,” said Phub Dorji Tamang.

Students also said that there need to be a proper supervision and handling of traffic for their safety. Speeding of vehicles and heavy traffic has always been one of the causes for unwanted accidents.

“Students tend to rush their way through zebra crossing, and when they put up the “stop” sign, it controls the students and traffic and help us cross easily,” said Kinley Penjor, a student.

“It made a lot of difference. Before, students use to run along the road and traffic used to be congested right to the end of the road, now we don’t have to face such situation,” said another student, Jigme Tobgay.

The Superintendent of the Traffic Division, Major Passang Dorji said such initiative has helped a lot and is a very wise preventive action.

The students also said that while taxi drivers co-operate with them, private vehicles are of less assistance.

There are few other schools following the same kind of initiatives.

Records maintained by the Police shows that the rate of accidents in the capital has decreased from 878 cases last year to 778 till date.

There are over 27,100 vehicles in Thimphu alone.

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