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After hours clinic in the offing

Jun 27, 2012

Just like in Thimphu hospital, off-hour clinic will be introduced in Phuentsholing General Hospital. The service first began in JDWNR Hospital in Thimphu about two years back.

As the Phuentsholing Hospital stands next to the National Referral Hospital in terms of number of patients visiting the hospital, the service is expected to de-congest the routine outpatient services in the hospital.

The Out Patient Department of Phuentsholing General Hospital has been recording an annual increase of 25% of patients visiting the hospital. Going by the record, each clinician has to see about 160 cases a day. 40 % of it comprises people coming for medical fitness certificate. From next week, the medical fitness certificate will be issued only during the Special Consultancy Services hour.

Medical Superintendent, Dr. Kinley Wangdi, said because of the large in-flow of people coming for medical fitness certificate, they will try to issue medical certificates during the Special Consultancy Services. “Over all this is going to lead to de-congestion giving more time for physicians to take care of their patients,” he said.

With the Special Consultation Services, patients will also have the advantage of meeting the doctors at their convenience. The after hours clinic will be open from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

“This will provide a consultation option to the public of Phuentsholing. They can have the option to take an appointment and meet with the doctor or medical specialist of their choice and at their convenience,” said Dr. Kinley Wangdi.

As per the release from the hospital, consultation fees with medical specialists like Dentist and Gynecologist have been fixed at Nu.500 for first visit. Subsequent appointments for the same diagnosis will cost Nu.250. For appointments with general doctors, the fee has been fixed at Nu.300 for the first visit and fifty percent less for the subsequent ones. For medical fitness certificates, the cost will range from Nu.100-1000.

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  1. dalut

    If we ve to pay Nu.500, 250 and 300, for apppointment with doctors, we ll ve more people going to JAigoan. As it is many bhutanese still visit Jaigoan, where it is not only convenient (proximity) and cheaper, medicines are easily available. you ask for some medicine we do not get in P/ling and ultimately we ve to get from jaigoan.(IC)

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