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An art form of sorts

Jun 23, 2012

When tradition, passion and income come together, nothing less than excellence will be the outcome. That is what exactly is happening in a tiny village called Barshong under Khaling in Trashigang.

Every single woman of the village has taken into creating beautiful kiras, an art form of sorts, a creation which is helping the soul of culture alive and burning. It is also what is keeping their home and hearth warm.

There are about 53 households in Barshong village and every household has a hand-loom. The women in this village grew up watching their mothers sit near the hand-loom and weave beautiful kiras. And they intend to pass on the legacy to their daughters.

Pema Choden, a single mother of eight children, have been weaving kiras for more than three decades. She has finished educating all her children. “My children are grown ups now and still I cannot stop weaving,” she said.

Kencho Wangmo, 39, has been weaving all her life.  “We don’t get to weave daily due to other works. We get time we can weave two to three kiras.

For each kira they weave, they earn not less than Nu.5,000 and with their skills and experience it takes only ten days for them to finish a kira. The orders for the kiras come from Khaling.

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