Vegetable price shoots up

The price of the vegetables supplied to Thimphu by the Food Corporation of Bhutan in Phuentsholing saw an increase of Nu.10 -15, this week. A kilogram of tomato, which costs Nu.30, last week, now costs Nu.50-60. A kilogram of bitter gourd costs Nu.35. It was Nu.20 per kilogram last week. The ground floor of the centenary farmers market thus wore a forlorn look.

Meanwhile, a big crowd was seen on the upper storied of the centenary farmers market, where local vegetables and fruits are sold. The customers who spoke to BBS said the local produce were cheaper compared to the ones supplied from Phuentsholing.  A kilogram of chili was cheaper by Nu.10-20, they said.

The vendors had to sell the vegetables supplied from Phuentsholing at higher rates as most of it got spoiled. “We have to cover the loss,” they said.

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