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Prime Minister walks to office

Jun 5, 2012

Observing the Pedestrian’s Day, the Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley walks to his office from the YHSS parking lot in Thimphu this morning.

10 Comments for “Prime Minister walks to office”

  1. Indeed it is move undertaken by the Government. However, before taking such move, consultative meeting has to be conducted with the public.

  2. sonam

    Good !
    Next Tuesday, it would be nice if he takes city bus !

  3. Tshering Pem

    Yea, I liked it but our prodigal son sure wont!

  4. ajay

    Good start. Lets see how far it continues. Fore me, not too many good things have continues too far in Bhutan..

  5. dorji

    I don’t agree PM walking. How can he spend his precious 45 minutes walking from car park to his office.

  6. tashi Dorje

    I didn’t get the objective of this move, pedestrian day? why do we need to observe this day every tuesday when 98% of our population are walking more than 10 mile everyday. it is truly unnecessary move it is disturb the efficiency of the city life..

  7. dawa

    seems this is a move by govt alredy in action without public’s say.dnt 4get dat our country is a democratic country n any initiatives by the govt sud go thru people’s agreement.lets nt go in hurry burry to snatch fame.i feel dat its a gud move but i didnt hear dat it got support 4rm the people..

  8. sangay

    yes la…leaders lead by example…… i love him… it was also indeed a gr8 day for us.. though everyday for me is a pedestrian day, but yesterday was gr8.. we came across many different people on our way to office wich we have never met before.. and even our Thrompoen was walking just like others…. it was gr8 for me… but some might be having problems……

  9. dorji dukpa

    It is a great noble idea.I liked it,if every body continue it for our own benefit.let us jointly make it a great success.

  10. Tshering Pem

    Enjoy the view, Sangay. Maximum 3 tuesdays down the road, you will never get this oppurtunity.

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