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A new crop disease in Dagana

Sep 27, 2010

A disease called Turcicum has been affecting maize crop in Dagana Dzongkhag. It has so far spread to Dorona, Goshi, Khebisa and Dujeygang Geogs. Turcium affects the leaves and eventually the husk. The maize disease has been affecting their maize crops since two years ago.

Our reporter Pema Namgay says that until now wild animals like wild boars and monkeys have been threatening their maize crops. But now they have a new threat to the crop.

“Previously we haven’t heard of such disease. Our maize has been affected by a disease recently. The disease affects the maize plants especially when it is tender,” said Dungchey of Gangkha village.

“We have done everything to contain the disease. But it has not been effective,” said another farmer.

Maize is one of the main staple diets. “If it is affected, we have to buy rice from the shop. For that we have to walk several hours to the nearest shop. That will be a problem),” said Dungchey.

The Dzongkhag agriculture sector said the disease was detected recently. It says fungicide should be sprayed if it is detected at an earlier stage. The sector says the only solution to prevent the disease is to change the seed itself. The Dzongkhag is also assessing the damage caused so far.

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