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A new rule to simplify Dzongkha

Sep 26, 2010

Most people find writing Dzongkhag more difficult than speaking. The rule for writing, which is mostly derived from “Choeked”, is what is complicating. With a mission to promote the National Language, the Dzongkha Development Commission (DDC), is coming up with a simplified rule inbuilt in the Dzongkha language system for the convenience of the users.

Under this, people will not require to make different spelling for words used in different tenses.

Although this is being done to simplify the language and encourage more writers, some Dzongkha teachers and students felt that it would raise further confusion.

“The application of simplified rule to certain words derived from “Choeked” will create more room for complications. So I think its best we keep the words as it is” says Sonam Tobgay, Lecturer, Royal Thimphu College.

A Bachelor of Arts(BA), student, Kezang Choden, says that most students are poor with written Dzongkha and the new initiative taken by the DDC will add to the problem instead of making it easy.

“With the new rule coming into force, our younger generation in the future may not know the whole essence of Dzongkha and its origin,” says Sigye Phub, another BA Student.

But on the other hand, Dzongkha Language experts say this is being done to promote the National Language. People, Lopen Lungten Gyatsho, said are confused as Dzongkha learning is not so common in schools and offices as that of the English language.

“People say that written Dzongkha is very difficult. This is because Dzongkha learning opportunities in schools is not equal compared to English. This further degrades their interest to learn. Also, those who are sound in written Dzongkha write it using different spellings. This adds up to the complication,” says Lopen Lungten Gyatsho, the Principal of the Institute for Language and Cultural Studies and also one of the Commission members to the Dzongkha Development Commission.

Dasho Sangay Dorji, a Dzongkha Specialist from the Dzongkha Development Commission explains on the plus points of the new rule. “The Dzongkha rule of having just one spelling for a verb, whether used in past, present or future tenses will apply to all words irrespective of its origin, depending on its Dzongkha pronunciation. As for Dzongkha words, the same rule will apply for better understanding of the people.”

The Dzongkha Development Commission, after various conventions with other stakeholders, has already begun works to enforce the new rule.

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  1. yeshey nidup

    A new rule to simplify Dzongkha undertaken the task by DDC….as i being one of the concern bhutanese i would like to know more abt the plan and the procedural envision by you all la. for how long ? who are involve? etc …

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