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What is of use if not maintained?

Sep 26, 2010

Farm roads are built to ease rural inconveniences and uplift problems such as long walking hours to schools, markets and health centres. Therefore, it is built with an aim to improve the economic status of the rural population. But what use of the farm roads, if they are not maintained?

Of the many in the country one classic case is the 14-Kilometre Dujeygang-Jibsa farm road.

According to our reporter, Pema Namgay, the farm road has remained idle for the past two years as it was damaged by heavy downpours shortly after it was constructed in 2007.

Farmers of Jibsa village were happy soon after the construction of the farm road. It was constructed at a cost of over Nu. 7.6 million.

But their smiles were short-lived when even their horses struggled to pass through the farm road.

“When the road reached our village, people were very happy thinking that we also have a road. But now the road is useless since no maintenance work has been carried out,” said Tengchu, a farmer of Jibsa.

Three years after the road was constructed, people say their live has not changed much. Farmers still need to walk and carry their agriculture products on their back.

“We have requested the officials to clear the block. We cannot understand why it has not been cleared. We sacrificed our land when the road came, thinking that it will solve our problems,” said Khandom of Jibsa.

The biggest problem is when people get sick. “Since the road is useless we have to carry the sick person for several hours to the BHU. And its worse when it rains.  Like in the past, we still walk hours to buy essential food items. The farm road is useless,” said Tengchu.

Lack of budget according to Geog officials is the main reason for not maintaining the farm road.  “The main problem is the budget. We don’t get maintenance budget until the farm road is five years old. But through other means, we will repair the farm road before the orange season starts,” said Karma Tshering, Khebisa Gup.

Only few months to go before the onset of the oranges season and farmers wait patiently for the good news.

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