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Woman dies of suspected Anthrax

Sep 24, 2010

A 24-year-old woman has died of suspected Anthrax in Zhemgang last month. The deceased was from Kagtong village where the first outbreak of Anthtrax was reported.

Although not medically confirmed, sources told BBS that the deceased had consumed dried contaminated meat of animals that died of anthrax. The victim had complained of heaviness in the chest and some breathing difficulties. She died at the Kagtong Basic Health Unit.

Eight others are reported sick and are undergoing treatment.

According to livestock official, Anthrax has claimed the lives of 25 cattle, eight horses, four pigs and six cats.

Dr N.K. Thapa who was in Zhemgang recently told BBS that the disease is almost under control. Livestock there have also been given ring vaccination to give immunity to the animals.

Often, anthrax exists naturally in the soil and commonly infects livestock, especially during or after the monsoon when water brings it up to the surface.

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