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Day care centre in rural Dagana bring smiles

Sep 24, 2010

Parents in rural communities often face problems tending to farm works and children at the same time. For this reason, either one member of the family stays back home to look after the children or children are made to accompany them in the fields.

But thanks to a new day care centre, parents no longer have to miss out on farm work and children are also spared the hardship of being outdoors. The centre since its establishment earlier this year has also brought about significant changes in the children. The Programme initiated by the Education Ministry has brought relief to the parents and smiles in the faces of the children.

The day care centre in Gangkha village of Khebisa Geog was established this year and provides education to the young rural population there. Within a span of over six months, the children have learnt a lot. They are familiar with the alphabets, names of fruits and animals through pictures and toys. They can also sing nursery rhymes and songs.

The centre currently has 18 children. Parents say, they no longer have to worry about their children. They can now concentrate more on their farm works.

The day care centre is a pilot project under the early childhood care and development programme of the Education Ministry. It was opened in March. If successful, similar day care centres will be opened in other parts of the Dzongkhag.

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