Temporary wooden bridge shortens distance between Phongmed Gewog and its chiwogs

A temporary wooden bridge over Gamrichhu shortens the travel time for locals of Thong-Rong, Ya-Brang and Phimsong chiwog to reach their gewog centre in Phongmed in Trashigang. 

In the past, people of these three chiwogs had to travel around 35 kilometres via Rangjoong in Shongphu Gewog to reach Phongmed.  But now with the bridge, they are only 10 kilometres away from their gewog centre today.

It is running almost a year since the wooden bridge was built and it is benefitting around 300 households of the three chiwogs.

“It has become very easy comparing to past when had to pay around Nu 200 to reach gewog centre but now at the most, we pay Nu 100,” said Pema Dorji from Ya-Brang chiwog.

“Without the bridge, we had to walk longer distance. Moreover, it was trouble having to start our journey early so that we do not miss important meetings at the gewog centre,” added Tshering Dema from Ya-Brang.

However, at the moment only pedestrians and light vehicles can ply on the bridge. The locals are expecting a proper structured permanent bridge that can carry heavy vehicles to be built soon.

“This wooden bridge has benefited us. But we are in need of a permanent bridge on which even heavy vehicles can ply,” said Pema Dorji.

Phongmey Gup said there is a budget allocation of close to Nu 12 M for the construction of two-suspension bailey bridges over Shokang and Gamri river next year.

“It is included in our Annual Performance Agreement to construct the bridge and the budget is being granted by the Government of India. So we are hopeful of getting a permanent structured bridge by next year,” said Phongmey Gup Pelden Dorji.

It is expected that the new bridge will be completed by the end of 2021.

Sonam Darjay

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