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One day on Earth screened

Apr 23, 2012

The United Nations in collaboration with the One Day on Earth online Community screened the first ever film that has footage shot in every country on the planet on a single day.

The film One Day on Earth was screened in more than 160 countries worldwide including Bhutan to commemorate the World Earth Day on Sunday.

In Thimphu the film was screened at Trowa Theatre. The documentary film showcased video from across the world, filmed on the same day on October 10, 2010.

The film highlights issues like environment and water, women’s right, health, poverty in an effort show the commonalities and differences in different regions.

More than 19,000 filmmakers,both professional and amateurs contributed more than 3,000 hours of video footage to the project.Over 95 UNDP country offices globally participated in and contributed to the filming of this documentary.

4 Comments for “One day on Earth screened”

  1. Khaws

    Why this short documentary in screened only in capital…..let us also watch the “One day on the earth” who lives in remote dzongkhags. Please la.

  2. I watched this Documentary last time at Trowa in Thimphu! It was mind-blowing and enjoyed every second!

  3. jigme chophel

    i thought that the news would at least cover the number of audience , cos i really wanted to know if it can be moving , hearing , healing, flying, worth remembering and on going to every Bhutanese guy

  4. I had saw the documentary

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