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Police officer reprimanded and fined

Nov 30, 2011

The police officer who manhandled a student of the Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School in Thimphu has been reprimanded and fined Nu.15,000.

He was speaking at the monthly meeting of the cabinet ministers with the media yesterday.

“This officer who had mishandled the student has been reprimanded, given a serious reprimand, his seniority has been lowered by three months, and a fine of Nu.15,000 has been imposed on him. Furthermore, he has been transferred out of  Thimphu to a more difficult posting,” said Lyonchhen Jigmi Thinley.

The incident took place in last month at the Tendrelthang in Thimphu. The student had come to receive blessings from the tooth relic of the Lord Buddha when he was beaten up by the officer.

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  1. well i would like to suggest that this was a good act of the law and i think to such things the name of the culprit must be shown la..

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