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Farmer raises earthworms

Nov 30, 2011

Farmers generally grow crops or raise livestock. They do not normally raise earthworms. But a farmer in Patshaling Geog in Tsirang is doing just that.

Yeshey Wangdi Sherpa has been rearing earthworms for the past three years to produce organic fertilisers. He now owns more than 70,000 earthworms.

He uses the earthworms to turn cow dung and wastes into organic fertiliser. The earthworms feed on the waste producing organic fertilizer, known as vermin-compost.

“We mix cow dung and banana leaves and put it in the earthworm pit.  After 15 days we mix it again. If it’s dry, we put water. In about a month, we get organic fertiliser,” explained Yeshey Wangdi Sherpa.

He isn’t going to become filthy rich from his occupation but he earns about Nu.60,000 a year selling organic fertilisers to other farmers in the neighbourhood.

According to agriculture officials vermin compost is one of the best fertilisers in organic farming and rearing earthworms will promote sustainable and organic farming in the country.

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