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Black-out period begins ahead of Saturday’s NA primary polls

Sep 13, 2018

Polling Officials in Bumthang

The blackout period or the 48-hour no-campaign period before the poll day and until the close of polls began from 9 am today ahead of the Saturday’s primary round of the 2018 National Assembly Elections.

During the period, no one shall publish, broadcast, or transmit any item that is of the nature of election campaign supporting or opposing any political party, according to the ECB Social Media Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2018.

The restrictions also apply to internet advertising.

However, internet advertising published before and not altered during the 48-hour no-campaign period can remain posted as long as no further electronic distribution of that advertisement is carried out.

“Genuine news reporting, including interviews, commentaries, or other works prepared for and published by any newspaper, magazine, or other periodic publication in any medium, free of any charges, on or about a contesting candidate or party’s campaign shall not be treated as political advertising as long as it is balanced and not in the nature of campaigning for any particular candidate or party,” states the social media rules and regulations.

It also adds that personal emails and similar personal communications on the internet shall not be subject to the 48-hour no-campaign period provided such communications do not amount to political advertising.

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