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Bumthang police investigate chorten vandalism case

Kipchu, Bumthang
Aug 10, 2018

Three Jangchub chortens at Dorjitse Goenpa of Tang Gewog in Bumthang have been vandalized. The abbot of Dorjitse Goenpa and his bother-in-law noticed the vandalism when they went to fix electrical problems at the monastery.

The vandalism is suspected to have taken about a month before their visit.

Police say the memory card of the CCTV camera installed on the rooftop of the monastery’s kitchen is missing.

The three chortens are Kudung Chortens, which contained relics of the first, second and third abbots (Dorjitse Trulkus) of the monastery, according to the police.

Dorjitse Goenpa is about 40 kilometers away from Chamkhar town.

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