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Farm road of Tamigdamchhu_Thangbji in Punakha in dire need of maintenance

Komal Kharkha, Punakha
Aug 9, 2018

The farm road of Tamigdamchhu_Thangbji Chiwog in Toedwang Gewog in Punakha is in poor condition.The 7-kilometre road from Wolathang Primary School to the Chiwog is muddy, slippery and riddled with potholes.

Locals say even medium vehicles like Bolero cannot use the road, let alone smaller vehicles.

“It is difficult in times of emergencies like taking expecting mothers and the sick to hospital,”Phub Dorji, one of the villagers, said.

“We are also not able  to take our farm produce to nearby markets as vehicles refuse to come here. Even if they come, they charge us high fares due to the bad road condition.”

A few villagers who own Bolero said the poor road condition is damaging their vehicles.

The fuel consumption is high and the huge potholes covered with water damages our vehicles,” Lhap Tshering said.

The Gewog Administration is planning to carry out road maintenance works.

We may not be able to carry out the works immediately. We will do it in the next financial year,” Touchu, the Toedwang Gup, said.

The farm road constructed in 2008 benefits over 50 households in the chiwog.

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