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Robot designed by three youths to represent Bhutan at global robotics competition

Tshering Dendup, Thimphu
Aug 7, 2018

Druk-Bot, a robot that resembles a dragon, will represent Bhutan at the First Global Challenge of Robotics Competition to be held in Mexico.

Druk-Bot was developed by three youths at the FabLab Bhutan.

FabLab Bhutan is a network platform for makers, inventors, artists, researcher, entrepreneurs and creative people. It provides them a space to exchange knowledge, ideas and technology to invent anything to solve real world problems at local, national, and global levels.

Druk-Bot consists of a jaw that can lift objects up to a height of almost two metres and a propeller that can start a windmill by rotating the main arms.

It took the young Bhutanese designers three months to develop the robot.

They received a kit containing various parts to build and design the robot. The kit was sent to all  participating countries to come up with their own designs.

Led by captain Rinzin Tsheten, a team of six will leave the country for Mexico tomorrow to take part in the competition.

More than 175 nations will take part in the event, which will take place from August 16 to 18.

“We will compete against three countries randomly picked by the organizer. It is a competition about generating the maximum energy using our robot,” Umesh Giri, the Controller of the Robot, said.

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