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BKP confident of winning 2023 elections

The Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party or BKP says they will not only take part in the next parliamentary elections but will win it. This is despite the fact that the party will not get any state funding to prepare and contest for the elections in 2023.

De-Suung National Service Water Project benefits Khar village in Pema Gatshel

De-Suung National Service Water project has been a blessing for many. One of the many villages reaping the benefits is Khar under Khar Gewog in Pema Gatshel. More than 60 households will now get a continuous water supply. The project was handed over to the people recently.

Blind football comes to Bhutan

Changjiji football stadium, Thimphu. Toe-tapping the ball slowly, Dorji Wangmo gets familiar with having a football around her feet. It is the first time the 24-year-old is trying the sport with professional support.

First-ever Arm Wrestling Championship attracts many participants

Bhutan’s first-ever Arm Wrestling Championship was held in Thimphu today. 46 enthusiasts from different districts participated in the event. Lhabchu,38, from Chhukha, won the championship.

Government to build over 100 ICT labs to enhance digital education

To enhance digital education, the government plans to build around 120 ICT labs in schools across the country. This is one of the projects under the Education ICT Flagship Programme. The Education Minister along with the Indian Ambassador inaugurated the first ICT lab completed in Thimphu today.

Ginger growers in Samtse disappointed with poor market

Despite the good harvest, farmers of Damzhagsa village under Tading gewog in Samtse district are finding it hard to sell their main cash crop, ginger today. With a few of them availing loans from the Tarayana Foundation to grow ginger this year, farmers are now worried about repaying their loans on time.
Almost every household in […]

RAPA trains young people on traditional music and instruments

Preserving traditional music and songs has long been considered important. It should not be lost for it represents culture and tradition. And the best way to do that is by training young people. The Royal Academy of Performing Arts for the first time trained some forty young people in Thimphuon traditional music and instruments.

Lack of awareness on human trafficking still a big concern

A comprehensive report on all forms of human trafficking found unemployment combined with domestic violence and family problems lead to trafficking in persons in the country. The report, launched today, calls for increased awareness, especially among youth, about human trafficking and, strengthening human capacity and systems to stop people from getting trafficked.
Early this year, Bhutan […]

Should government start investing more in slope management to make roads safer?

Being a mountainous nation, most roads in the country run along hills and cliffs. This means the roads are prone to landslides especially during the summer, making it risky for travellers. According to experts, carrying out slope management measures will prevent landslides. But in most cases, this is not done. 

Contractors under pressure to meet the deadline despite finance ministry declaring the situation Force Majeure

The pandemic has severely affected the construction sector in the country. The cost of materials has increased. There is also a shortage of labourers triggered by the border closure. Unable to meet the project deadline, they are pressured by the districts and departments despite the finance ministry declaring force majeure. Force majeure is a common clause in contracts that relieves a party from fulfilling the obligation due to an event beyond the control of the affected party.

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