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Woman detained for possessing tobacco products

A 35-year-old woman from Paro has been detained by police possessing tobacco products.

RMA brings down the exchange to Rs 5,000 per person per month

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) will allow exchange of Rs 5,000 per person only instead of 10,000 a month given the depleting stock of INR.

Remit Bhutan picks up momentum amongst Bhutanese abroad

Some 300 Bhutanese living abroad have opened foreign currency accounts through Remit Bhutan. Remit Bhutan, the Central Bank’s service, allows Bhutanese abroad to send remittances in foreign currencies to their accounts in local banks.

Paro’s fire mishap could have been avoided, Victims and parents say

Some victims and family members of the recent mishap during a fire incident in Paro said precaution by fire-fighters could have prevented the accident.

Promote maximum land utilisation for crop production, NC says

The Natural Resource and Environment Committee of the National Council recommended the agricultural and forests ministry to promote maximum utilisation of land for crop production.

Bhutan to have seismic hazard map

Bhutan will soon have its ever seismic hazard map in an effort to strengthen seismic building code and infrastructure development planning.

Three under custody for alleged possession of controlled substance

Two men are under Thimphu police custody since yesterday for allegedly possessing over 4,500 piece of controlled substance.

Bus accident kills a man and injures nine

A 29-year-old man died on the spot when the bus he was driving fell off the road, 14 kilometres from Trongsa towards Wangdue Phodrang at 2 PM, today.

Government’s 100 percent election pledge questioned

The members of the Opposition questioned the government on their 100 percent employment pledge during the National Assembly’s Question Hour, today.

Pre-financing of donor-committed projects not from government’s revenue, finance minister says

Responding to Bartsham-Shongphu MP, Wangdi Norbu, the finance minister, Namgay Dorji said pre-financing of the donor-committed projects in the country is not from the government’s coffer.

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