English | Dzongkha Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Queen Mother opens radio stations for Lhops Community

Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, inaugurated a new community radio station in Dophuchen Gewog, in Samtse yesterday. The Swiss Development Corporation in partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications and Tarayana Foundation established the Lhops Community Radio Station.

Dagana Dzongkhag to cut down 20,000 affected orange trees

To prevent further spread of disease, Dagana Dzongkhag will be felling close to 20,000 orange trees suffering from diseases such as citrus fruit drop and trunk borer, common orange tree disease in Dagana.

Giving more teeth to waste management

The Thimphu municipal authority is rolling up its sleeve to find a permanent, if not a workable, solution to illegal dumping of waste in the capital. It is recruiting another 30 more inspectors who will be assigned to conduct surprise inspections throughout the city.

The sad saga of Ngultrum One

Many Bhutanese do not value or give importance to lower denomination Ngultrum notes. People say high inflation, over long periods, has eroded the intrinsic value of lower Ngultrum notes, especially one Ngultrum note.

Hotels in Bumthang go meatless on auspicious months

Some 70 hotels and eateries in Bumthang have offered meatless menu since the first month of the Bhutanese calendar.

Separate laws on men for fatherless children?

Many mothers in Trashi Yangtse are today caught in a complex, almost impossible situation of sourcing the identity of their husbands as required by existing laws. Those with kids in school are even more worried about the future of their children.

His Majesty grants audience to scholarship recipients

His Majesty the King granted an audience to various students who will study abroad on government scholarships after completing their classes 12.

Haa prepares for LG elections

With the local government elections just a few months away, preparations are in full swing in Haa. Today, electoral rolls are being verified to ensure all eligible voters are registered to cast their votes.

Mask dancers wages revised

The Prime Minister yesterday announced the revised wages for traditional and mask dancers in the country.

Women take up lacquering in Trashi Yangtse

Shazoo or wood craft, many say, is a physically challenging affair. But some women in Trashi Yangtse have worked out ways to earn a living from this craft. They have taken up lacquering, a part of Shazoo which involves forming polished protective surface for finished products.

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