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Gang rape of 12 year old or below to receive life

Gang rape of a child who is 12 years or below shall now be punishable with life imprisonment. This was decided by the joint sitting of the parliament today after extensive debate which lasted two days.

Bhutan Nepal trade talks

Bhutan and Nepal began talks in the capital Thimphu today to draft a trade agreement between the two neighbouring countries.

Disagreement compromise school relocation

The Nahi primary school is located at the base of a mountain and near a fast flowing stream. It is risky for the students. The school has to be relocated but where. Yusa-gom or Pelrigang?

Parliament discusses life for gang rape

The joint sitting of the parliament today discussed a proposed amendment on gang rape in the Penal Code of Bhutan. The proposal was submitted by a joint committee of the two houses of the parliament which was formed to discuss the disputed sections of the Penal Code of Bhutan. The committee proposed giving life imprisonment for gang rape of a child who is 12 years or below.

Explosion in Gelephu

An improvised explosive device exploded in Gelephu town at around 9:45 pm yesterday. The devise was planted in a plastic dustbin near the Losel Cinema Hall in Gelephu. The explosion shattered the window glass and broke the ceiling of the canteen. However, there were no causalities.

Explosion injures Indian national

An improvised explosive device exploded inside the Zangtopelri area in the heart of Phuentsholing town. The blast occurred at around 7:50 pm yesterday.

Red hot chilies burn holes in pockets

The sun dried red chilies are a must have ingredient in many Bhutanese dishes but with their price soaring through the roof of the centenary farmers market, it may have to saved only for rare and special occasions.

Voters elect to go collect cordyceps

The local government elections are around the corner. The people are waiting with excitement and anticipation but not the Dangchups. The people of Dangchu Geog in Wangdue have other fish to fry. They are heading towards the windswept alpine regions to harvest cordyceps.

Royal wedding announced

The 7th session of the parliament today will be remembered for a long time by the Bhutanese people. It was on this auspicious occasion that His Majesty the King announced that he would be getting married to Jetsun Pema in October this year.

The 7th session of the parliament begins

The 7th session of the parliament began amidst traditional ceremonies. Addressing the opening, His Majesty said commended the government for working tirelessly in service of the nation.

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