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Tuskers decline in Phibsoo

The number of elephants in the Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary has been decreasing steadily. The elephants move in herds their numbers varying from five to 30. They can be sighted almost any day, moving gracefully through the thick undergrowth. But according to wildlife officials, they can rarely spot a tusker among the herd. They are fast disappearing.

Amochu land reclamation taking shape

The Amochu land reclamation project is finally taking shape. Phuentsholing city officials said the Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited of India, to which the DHI, the investment wing of the government, has awarded the consultancy service contract, has already started the work.

Diabetes on the rise in Gelephu

The Gelephu hospital has been treating an increasing number of diabetic patients.  Doctors say this is mainly because of life style change and food habits.

Odd numbers evened out

Office goers around the Tashichhodzong vicinity no longer have to play the odd and even number game. Entry inside the parking area which was allowed according to the vehicle registration numbers, odd numbers on one day and even numbers the next day, has been lifted from today.

Socio-economic progress in Dagana “remarkable”

The Prime Minister Loynchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley said Dagana Dzongkhag has made remarkable progress in the overall 10th Five Year Plan developmental activities. He was speaking at the 10th Five Year Plan Mid-Term Review in Dagana.

No weight for academic performance in civil service exam?

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is planning not to give weight to academic performance in the Bhutan Civil Service Common Examination. Some colleges tend to give high marks while others are strict. The rating also differs from one academic discipline to another. Because of this, the RCSC says, it is difficult to ensure a level playing field.

Annual judiciary report

The judiciary saw a record 7,771 matrimonial cases in 2010, an increase of 34.06 percent over the previous year. Cases related to financial matters came second at 1,842 cases.

One killed in a gang fight

A 22-year-old man has been killed in a gang fight in Monggar on Thursday. The fight took place in the town. It was reported to the police at around 11pm.

To vote or not to vote?

Yesterday, voters in the four Thromdes of Thimphu, Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar went to the polls to elect a Thrompon and Thromde Tshogpas. As per the election rule, only voters who have their census in the respective Thromdes are allowed to vote. It means, in Thimphu, just over 6,000 people can vote. The town has a population of about 100,000 people. Many believe that it is not right for a fraction of the population to decide the fate of the entire town.

Progress encouraging, says PM

The Prime Minister Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley described the progress of Accelerating Bhutan’s Socio-economic Development Project encouraging and heartening. He was speaking at the third quarter review meeting on Thursday.

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