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Police looking for murder suspect

Police are looking for a man who is suspected to have committed the murder at the Kulagangri hotel in Thimphu earlier this month. The suspect, 31-year-old Ugyen Lhendup is from Menji in Lhuentse.

A monk dies after beaten by a group of eight

A 19-year-old monk who was admitted at the national referral hospital after being beaten by his fellow monks in Thimphu has died. He passed away on Saturday.

Better life for Lingships as income from cordycep increases

After Lingships were formally allowed to collect the cordyceps, a new path to glory and richness has been opened for the people there. Our reporter Sonam Ugyen who was recently in Lingshi says life has chaged for the better in Lingshi with the living standards improved with cash in hand mounting every year.

Distinguished alumni award for Lyonchhoen

The Prime Minister, Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley, was presented the Penn State University’s distinguished alumni award on Thursday. The award was presented by the Chairman of the Board of trustees of the University at a special awards ceremony.  The award was given in recognition of Lyonchhoen’s many accomplishments.

Thimphu Tshechu concludes

The Annual Thimphu Tshechu concluded yesterday with the Guru Tshengye Dance or the Eight manifestations of the Guru Rinpoche.

One killed, six others injured

A DANTAK labourer has died and six others injured when a truck they were travelling in went off the road at Sorchen on Friday. The injured includes four labourers and two children. The accident happened around 6pm.

October deadline nearing, businessmen worried

The labour ministry’s decision to reinforce the work permit system for foreign workers employed in the border towns has left businessmen in Phuentsholing worried. The decision is in keeping with the Labour and Employment Act.

Diversion causes resentment

The Damdum River in Samtse fed by monsoon rain triggers flash floods every year, cutting off eight Geogs from Samtse. To prevent flash floods, the Department of Roads has partially diverted the river towards Budiney River, which flows nearby. But this has left the residents of Samtse Geog worried according to our reporter Sonam Lhamo.

PM receives standing ovation at Columbia University, New York

The Prime Minister, Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley received a standing ovation for his address at the World Leaders Forum at Columbia University in New York yesterday.

A grant of Nu. 65 million from the Swiss government

The Swiss government is providing Nu. 65 million in support of good governance program and improving the efficiency of public service delivery in the country.

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