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Training on controlling Ozone Depletion Substances conducted in Paro

Training on controlling Ozone Depletion Substances conducted in Paro

A training on controlling Ozone Depletion Substances was conducted for customs officials in Paro. The three-day training was to educate and familiarise the officials on their roles as enforcement agencies in controlling the imports and exports of ODS-containing products.

Glaciers receding in Bhutan

Glaciers receding in Bhutan-

Glaciers are indicators of temperature changes, with their advances and retreats, bearing geological evidence of climatic change.

Bhutan Street View launched on Google maps


Bhutan launched its first ever Street View on the Google maps, today. Apart from many advantages, the Bhutan Street View will enable people to search for places in the country for business and tours, as well.

Works underway to install Bhutan’s first renewable energy


Works to install Bhutan’s first ever renewable energy is underway in Wangdue Phodrang. Once complete in 2016, the windmills will act as an alternative source for energy.

Leachate from Memelhakha landfill worrying environmentalists


Leachate from Memelhakha landfill site in Thimphu is worrying environmentalists. Leachate is a liquid that drains from a landfill. It is considered toxic and can contaminate ground water and rivers.

Cleaning campaign at the Mebartsho


Attempts to clean the Mebartsho often prove unsuccessful, largely owing to the lake’s location, which renders cleaning not only difficult but also dangerous. However, the Desuups in Bumthang teamed up with the Dzongkhag and the Police and carried out a cleaning campaign at the lake area, last Friday.

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day2014

August 19 is now marked as the Earth Overshoot Day- the day our ecological footprint in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year, according to the data from the Global Footprint Network.

Bhutan declares 51% as protected area

Bhutan declares 51percent as protected area-

Bhutan has declared 51 percent of the country as the protected area. However, no comprehensive assessment of the protected areas has been carried out.

Forecast system lagging behind

Forecast system lagging behind

According to the World Bank Officials, Bhutan needs to do a lot to improve the weather and flood forecasting system.

Sarpang records lowest rainfall this year

Sarpang records lowest rainfall this year

Every July, Sarpang Dzongkhag receives maximum rainfall and swollen rivers leave most of the places in the dzongkhag inaccessible. But this year, it is a different story.



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