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Discontinuation of public transport affects locals

Discontinuation of public transport--Zhemgang and Gelegphu

The public transport bus service between Zhemgang and Gelegphu has been discontinued for about two weeks now, much to the chagrin of the locals.

Water supply restoration works in Udzorong finally underway

Water supply restoration works-Udzorong

The much awaited water supply restoration works in Udzorong Gewog under Trashigang Dzongkhag is finally underway. The water supply was disrupted while carrying out Samdrup Jongkhar-Trashigang road widening works. The restoration work is expected to complete in about a few weeks from now.

Timber inaccessibility troubles people in Paro


People in Paro say it is getting difficult to get timber to roof their houses. Over 180 houses were damaged in Paro, one of the worst affected dzongkhags by the December windstorm.

Construction of motorable bridge misses deadline

Construction of motorable bridge misses deadline

The construction of motorable bridge over Mangdechhu was supposed to have been completed by this year. However, given the budget constraints, it will take a few months more, before the project sees its completion.

Domestic violence against women increasing


The statistics show the cases of domestic violence against women in the country are on the rise. According to the records maintained with RENEW, a Civil Society Organisation that stands for Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women, more than 1,217 domestic violence cases have been reported from 2008 to 2012.

More services for city bus users


Travel for women with toddlers, pregnant women, senior citizens and people with special needs in City Buses has been made easier. There will be designated seats in every bus for these categories of people. At the moment, there are only three designated seats as people are expected to give up their seats to such people if other seats are unavailable.

Bemji looks forward to power supply


While most of the Gewogs in Trongsa have been connected to power supply, Bemji village in Nubi Gewog still remains in darkness. However, the works are underway to connect the village very soon.

Farmers spend sleepless nights


As the harvest season begins, farmers in most Dzongkhags are watching their fields to protect their crops from wild animals at night. Farmers of Bemjee under Nubi Gewog in Trongsa are spending sleepless nights.

Giving helping hand


A group of volunteers from Royal Bhutan Police and Zhemgang Dzongkhag administration are building a temporary shelter for the family whose house was damaged by a landslide last Saturday in Wangdigang. The landslide had been caused by incessant rainfall.

Community blames mining activities for water shortage


The villagers of Gedawom in Thimphu are blaming the increasing mining activities and the new settlements within the community for the acute shortage of irrigation water.



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