English | Dzongkha Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nima Gyeltshen for Thimphu

Nima Gyeltshen, 29, who was nominated from Chang gewog has secured the most votes in Thimphu Dzongkhag. He has 2250 votes under his belt.

Once bitten, twice successful

Dhan Bahadur Monger, 33, who had lost to the Karma Donnen Wangdi, the incumbent NC representative from Sarpang during 2008 elections, secured the highest votes- 4,131.

Youth over experience for Monggar

Sonam Wangchuk, 26, from Monggar secured the maximum votes in Monggar. He secured 4,821. He was nominated from Ngatshang Gewog.

Zhemgang chooses former civil servant

Pema Dakpa, 43, who as nominated from Bardo Gewog in Zhemgang, secured 2,413 votes including postal ballot. He worked as the Programme Director under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Samtse goes for former Chimi

The former Chimi for Samtse, Sangay Khandu, 37, secured 9,907 votes. With seven candidates, Samtse had the highest number of candidates contesting for a seat in the National Council.

‘Voice for Shar Dhargya’ for Wangdue Phodrang

Tashi Dorji, 31, secured 5,848 votes including postal ballot. He had promised to be, ‘a voice for Shar Dhargya’. He says he is aware that the purpose of democracy is best served when the people have a voice in their day-to-day lives.

Chartered Accountant for Pema Gatshel

From Pema Gatshel, the former NC MP, Jigmi Rinzin, 41, secured 3,717 votes. He secured 1,467 votes through postal ballot.

Dagana goes for experience

The former National Council Member, Sonam Dorji, 40, secured 7,989 yes votes from Dagana. He obtained 1774 no votes. Sonam Dorji was nominated from Kana Gewog.

Tsirang chooses former civil servant

Kamal Bahadur Gurung, 45, secured 2,381 votes from Tsirang. He has pledged to work on some of the pressing issues that confront Bhutanese Society.

Parops opt for Kaka Tshering

Kaka Tshering, 49, secured 2,422 votes including postal ballot. He was nominated from Wangchang Gewog.

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