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Organic food business in Ura flourishes

From packaging mushrooms to berry jams and producing costus or Rurta tea, the Araya Zamlha Organic Packers, a private firm based in Ura in Bumthang, focuses on producing and marketing organic agricultural products and herbs.

Serthig’s lone poultry farmer prospers

Kelzang Wangmo carefully picks dozens of eggs from her chicken farm one by one and places them in a bucket until it is filled to the brim. She then heads to the water tap where the eggs are washed, one at a time, before packing them for sale.

Some 50 entrepreneurs taking part in First CSI fair

Entrepreneurs are showcasing different handicrafts and agricultural products at the first-ever Cottage and Small Industries (CSI) fair.

Dairy farmers in Tsirang milking fortune

Tsirang Gonor Thoenkoe Detshen- a dairy group has smelled sweet scent of success in recent times.

Miniature Bhutan making its mark on market

Miniature Bhutan, the winner of the 5th Startup Weekend, is making its mark on the Bhutanese souvenir market.

Dwindling ginger price leaves Zhemgang farmers unhappy

Ginger is the main source of income for the people of Lower Kheng in Zhemgang. This year, however, the popular spice is not fetching them good money.

Inflation rate slows to below 3% in January

The inflation rate in the country has slowed since August last year. In other words, the prices of goods and services are rising but at a slower pace than usual.

A Bjoka local’s bamboo craft business flourishes

Medhey Thuendrel Tsarzoo Tewa, a bamboo craft business in Sonamthang in Panbang is doing brisk business.

Goximbo poised to improve online hotel reservations

Bhutanese as well as foreigners can make online hotel reservations in Bhutan by simply logging onto Goximbo website. It is the first travel aggregator and e-commerce license holder in Bhutan, founded in November last year.

Ponies vital for income of Shermuhoong farmers

With most villages in the country having access to farm roads and motorways, using ponies as a mode of transportation is a rare practise. However, in Shermuhoong Gewog of Monggar Dzongkhag, pony transport is very much prevalent.

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