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Raising awareness on Intellectual Property registrations, rights in Monggar

Over 130 business entities, farmers groups and local leaders in Monggar were familiarised on the importance of intellectual property registrations, which is mandatory in obtaining copyrights, trademarks, and patents for any new innovations or creations.

Minting money from growing Shiitake mushroom in Trashigang

Growing Shiitake mushroom, locally known as Sokay Shamu has been profitable for farmers in Trashigang. Some of them have already started earning cash by selling it. Farmers there took up mushroom farming to generate extra income during off-farming season.

Chili brings cheer to farmers of Kangpar Gewog

It is a double celebration for farmers of Kangpar Gewog in Trashigang this time. Apart from fetching good prices for green chilies, they are also getting high returns from the sale of red dried chilies. Unlike past years, this year, they sell chilies from their homes at much better price.

Egg price shoots through the roof

The price of egg has hit a record high with a tray now costing Nu 350 at the Centenary Farmers’ Market in Thimphu. The skyrocketing prices have not spared consumers in Sarpang too despite the district being among the main egg suppliers.

Farmers & youth to get loans without collateral from next year

Starting next year, farmers will get loans without requirement of collateral at low interest rate from various financial institutions in the country.

Farmers in Zhemgang going commercial way in Banana production

Banana is the new cash crop for the people of Brumbi village in Zhemgang. Farmers there took up mass banana farming after they found a ready market with the Khengrig Namsum Cooperative.

Aspiring entrepreneurs have dreams halted by funding

Upcoming entrepreneurs, who come up with business ideas, are facing challenges in availing loans from the financial institutions. This is mainly due to requirement of collateral to avail loans. As a result, entrepreneurs said without the required money, it is difficult to establish a business even if they have brilliant business ideas.

Entrepreneurship culture gains ground

The entrepreneurship culture has seen a significant growth in the recent years. This is evident from the fact quite a number of young Bhutanese now run their own business and many others are seeking to follow suit.

Exporters can get to market limestone in Bangladesh from December

Exporters can now look forward to market limestone in Bangladesh once again from December, this year.

Betel nut farming giving farmers a major economic boost

Betel nut or locally termed as Doma has become a new source of income for people of Soonkosh under Rangthangling Gewog in Tsirang.

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