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Auction held for Bumthang’s unsold Cordyceps

Cordyceps collectors in Bumthang were finally able to sell most of their harvests after the agriculture ministry conducted an urgent auction recently. The ministry cancelled the regular auctions across the country since last year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most low quality and smaller Cordyceps remained unsold without an auction.

Apple growers upset as price slumps

Like all trades, the apple business in the country has also been affected by the COVID pandemic. The price of apples has reduced compared to the past years. This has left apple growers and fruit vendors in the country upset. 

CSO registration process needs to be relaxed: CSOs

Civil Society Organisations in the country want the procedures involved in registration of a CSO to be relaxed. The Civil Society actors raised the issue during a panel discussion on “Harnessing Civil Society Potentials” yesterday. They said CSOs are fundamental for a community to thrive.

New BCCI President hopes to help small businesses affected by the pandemic

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) elected its new president today. Tandin Wangchuk, the former vice president and a businessman will serve as the new president for the next five years. The president hopes to assist businesses affected by the pandemic and rebuild the trust between businesses and the BCCI.

Egg price creeping higher, again

Of late, many consumers have been asking questions as the egg price shot through the roof once again.
“What do our poultry farmers feed their layer chickens?”  “Are we really self-sufficient in eggs?”

Ecotourism- mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into tourism

The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) will soon be piloting an ecotourism project in some parts of the eastern and central regions. In what is a win-win proposition, the communities will ensure the conservation of the rich biodiversity and reap its benefit through tourism.

Non-performing loan ratio reduced but still high

Although the Loan deferment and interest waiver since April last year has reduced the non performing loan ratio to about 14 percent, experts say, the ratio is still too high. If it continues to remain so, it will weaken the economy. In March last year, the ratio was 19 percent. The NPL ratio measures the effectiveness of a bank in receiving repayments on its loans.

Producing our own spices- Daga Adding Masala Unit in Dagana

Spices are a very important part of Bhutanese dishes. However, the country imports almost all the spices it requires. Raw materials are in plenty, but not much is being produced. However, we might have our own manufacturer now. Against the increasing demand for spices, Narath Koirala, a class XII graduate in Dagana started a turmeric powder processing unit. 

A renovated vegetable shed attracts vegetable vendors to take up business, Zhemgang

The abandoned vegetable market shed in Zhemgang town came to life after nearly two decades of its construction. A major renovation was all it took to attract vegetable vendors to occupy the shed. Today, five vendors are doing business from the shed, and this is expected to benefit the farmers and residents in the district.

National e-Commerce Portal- taking ‘Made in Bhutan’ products to the international market

‘Made in Bhutan’ products now has access to the international market. With the launch of the National e-Commerce Portal today, small businesses in the country can now overcome the barriers and the challenges of economic scale and geography to compete globally.

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