English | Dzongkha Monday, May 29, 2017

A regulation for Deposit Taking Microfinance Institution to come into effect

A new Rules and Regulation for Deposit Taking Microfinance Institution will come into effect from today.

Orange growers of Sarpang unhappy with the business

Contrary to the past, orange growers in Sarpang have to take their yield to the exporters themselves, this time.

Hundreds line up at RMA to exchange Ngultrum with Rupees

Hundreds line up outside the Central Bank in Thimphu in a hope to exchange Ngultrum with Indian Rupees. Most of them are pilgrims waiting to go to visit holy sites in India.

Chillies’ price hike impacts consumers

Hike in the price of chillies following its import ban is taking a toll on consumers in Thimphu. A kilogram of chillies now costs Nu 300-400. About a week ago, a kilogram of chillies costs about Nu 100.

RMA brings down the exchange to Rs 5,000 per person per month

The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) will allow exchange of Rs 5,000 per person only instead of 10,000 a month given the depleting stock of INR.

Remit Bhutan picks up momentum amongst Bhutanese abroad

Some 300 Bhutanese living abroad have opened foreign currency accounts through Remit Bhutan. Remit Bhutan, the Central Bank’s service, allows Bhutanese abroad to send remittances in foreign currencies to their accounts in local banks.

BoB starts KIOSK banking service

Bank of Bhutan (BoB) has started automated banking services in Thimphu. It is a self-service facility which allows clients to conduct their own banking transaction at their convenience.

Finance ministry questioned on e-commerce

The Finance Minister, Namgay Dorji said although challenging, the government is working on ways to monitor e-commerce in the country.

Deadline to exchange Rs 1,000 and 500 notes shortened

Bhutanese owning Rs 1,000 and 500 denominations have until November 30 to exchange them with the banks.

Import and sale of seaweed banned

Starting today, the import and sale of all types of seaweed will be banned in the country.

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