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Soaring potato price pleases farmers


The price of potatoes has almost doubled this time, much to the relief of farmers in the East. Last year, a kilogram of potato used to cost Nu.17-20 a kilogram. A kilogram of potato now fetches about Nu.35.

To control price of poultry products


Whenever there is outbreak of poultry related diseases within the country, poultry farmers take an advantage of the situation and increase the price of poultry products especially egg.

Inflation hits highest in July


The inflation hit the highest in the country in July, this year, states the latest Consumer Price Index. The overall inflation in that particular month was 2.17 percent, which was higher than in June. It stood at 0.61 percent in June.

Lemongrass business, not lucrative anymore

Lemongrass business, not lucrative anymore-

The lemongrass cooperative in Monggar is finding it difficult to retain its members. Members have been leaving the group to work in construction sites, where they are paid more. From 170 members in 2007, the cooperative group is now left with only 45 members.

Over hundred million Ngultrum fetched from potato yields

Over hundred million Ngultrum fetched from potato yields-

It is the height of potato auctioning season at the Food Corporation of Bhutan’s auction yard in Phuentshogling. Unlike last year, the farmers are fetching better returns this year.

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Lhuentse have their hands tied

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Lhuentse have their hands tied

Some of the aspiring entrepreneurs in Lhuentse are frustrated with the criteria required for setting up entertainment centres. While people are ready to invests, Dzongkhag says they do not meet the required criteria.

300 highlanders bring in Cordycep for auction

300 highlanders bring in Cordycep for auction

Around 300 highlanders from three Gewogs of Paro and Thimphu brought in their Cordycep harvest for sale in the first Cordycep auction of the year. More than 45 buyers took part in the two-day auction.

Cost of inflation?

Cost of Inflation

The Economic Professor at the Royal Thimphu College, Sanjeev Mehta, said the average inflation rate has been over nine percent, annually. He added inflation over and above 10 percent is considered alarming in any economy.

Farmers try exporting soft brooms

SoftBroom-Gakidling Gewog-Sarpang

For the first time, farmers of Gakiling Gewog in Sarpang are exporting soft brooms to India. Nearly 3000 brooms worth about Nu. 70,000 was taken yesterday.

More organic growers, not much takers


Many farmers in Bumthang are turning to commercial organic vegetable cultivation. From two groups in 2008, there are currently nine organic vegetable farmers’ group in the dzongkhag. Now, the problem is market. The groups say lack of market to sell their produce has become a challenge now.



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