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Controversial Buli-Tsaidang road still inaccessible

Even after all these years, the controversial Buli-Tsaidang farm road is inaccessible to the people, most of the time. It took nine years to complete the 19-kilometre road in Zhemgang.

Proposed mining site in Monggar draws ire of local residents

Heated words were exchanged during a public consultation meeting to establish mining site in Monggar. The proposed site is at Rokshaphung under Chagsakhar Gewog.

Sunkosh town planning yet to take off

People in Sunkosh under Dagana Dzongkhag are frustrated due to the long overdue town planning at Sunkosh. Constructions have been kept on hold for more than a decade now.

Citrus rehabilitation programme rekindles hopes of Baeyul Kinza farmers

Hopes have rekindled once again for the villagers of Baeyul Kinza, one of the remote villages under Chhukha Dzongkhag. They are now looking forward to growing oranges once again, their only cash crop. The villagers had lost this cash crop to a citrus greening outbreak in the area in 2003. The ministry of agriculture and forests launched the citrus rehabilitation programme last month.

Impassable road cuts off Paro’s Bjatokha village

A two-kilometre farm road in Bjatokha village in Paro remains unusable as a result of heavy rainfall, last year, cutting off the village from the main road. The road is impassable even on foot.

Discontinuation of public transport affects locals

The public transport bus service between Zhemgang and Gelegphu has been discontinued for about two weeks now, much to the chagrin of the locals.

Water supply restoration works in Udzorong finally underway

The much awaited water supply restoration works in Udzorong Gewog under Trashigang Dzongkhag is finally underway. The water supply was disrupted while carrying out Samdrup Jongkhar-Trashigang road widening works. The restoration work is expected to complete in about a few weeks from now.

Timber inaccessibility troubles people in Paro

People in Paro say it is getting difficult to get timber to roof their houses. Over 180 houses were damaged in Paro, one of the worst affected dzongkhags by the December windstorm.

Construction of motorable bridge misses deadline

The construction of motorable bridge over Mangdechhu was supposed to have been completed by this year. However, given the budget constraints, it will take a few months more, before the project sees its completion.

Domestic violence against women increasing

The statistics show the cases of domestic violence against women in the country are on the rise. According to the records maintained with RENEW, a Civil Society Organisation that stands for Respect, Educate, Nurture and Empower Women, more than 1,217 domestic violence cases have been reported from 2008 to 2012.

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